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 Model table - Hoth

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Polygon Smith

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Model table - Hoth Empty
PostSubject: Model table - Hoth   Model table - Hoth EmptyFri Oct 18, 2013 8:47 am

If i may add a new list of task specific for Hoth. This will be something specific for the map itself and will not include stuff like vehicles and characters since Ben already covered that most already.
Some things under done should be considered somewhat playable. Not in the top quality of things but when all is done in a similar manner then we can go trough and make things better.

So onto the list

Hoth Interior

    Main Areas

    • Layout + main blockout
    • Natural cave + bridge
    • Med bay + bacta tank room
    • Storage room 1
    • Pilot ready room

      Work In Progress
    • Control room
    • Main hangar
    • Small corridors

      To Do
    • Big corridors(more variations)
    • Briefing room
    • Big hangar
    • Upper floor rooms
    • Storage room 2
    • Wampa Cave


    • Small cylinder generator
    • Ice blocks (3 types)
    • 2 Wall Lamps - long/grated
    • 2 types of crates
    • Repair platform
    • Hangar floor lights
    • Floor plates
    • Small hangar doors

      Work In Progress
    • Door (for small corridors)

Hoth Exterior


    • Map layout + basic blockout

      Work In Progress


    • Hoth turret

      Work In Progress
    • Dish turret
    • Shield Generator
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Model table - Hoth
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