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 Wishlist for our game

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Polygon Smith

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Wishlist for our game Empty
PostSubject: Wishlist for our game   Wishlist for our game EmptyThu Jun 13, 2013 12:09 am

Hello, i wanted to share with you what i would love to see (technic/graphic wise not content wise) in our game.

- Tesselation: I mean you saw E3? Every game use it and that's beautifull, you can make cinematic games, the recently announced "Tom Clancy's The division" is a great example.
If you missed it:

Here's an example with a "King Kong" fan art:

There're tutorials for that and that doesn't look too complicated

- Environment Physics and Fx: For Hoth, the snow moves/is pushed when you walk, crouch or prone in the snow and with a real cold mood, atmosphere.
Like in DICE's Battlefront teaser:

- Destructible environment physics: 
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Wishlist for our game Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wishlist for our game   Wishlist for our game EmptyThu Jun 13, 2013 5:58 pm

I agree with everything stated on the upper post ! Environment Destruction is quite easy to manage,  we just have to setup properly some indestructible walls and roofs, otherwise the whole battleground will be reduced to dust and ashes in the first two minutes of any play session.

And personnaly I would like a Singleplayer campaign.
Not for the release though... But shortly after the release we could split the team in two : one part would be responsible for the new multiplayer maps, one team would be in charge of the singleplayer mode.

I think we could create a good storyline with only a few maps... We could just alternate story-driven maps (quite small with NPC's etc.) and our traditionnal multiplayer maps for epic scale battles.

It would be pretty easy but time-consuming.
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Wishlist for our game
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