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 Class System

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PostSubject: Re: Class System   Class System - Page 4 EmptyThu Feb 21, 2013 10:01 pm

Hmm, ok (I agree), anyways my original class ideas didn't have any customization at all. No attachments, not even different loadouts. For those of you who have seen the cml doc I had put up.


1) No different loadouts. If a class sucks on a map, don't play it. Though in my ideas, they all can be useful, as they still have stuff that's useful in other situtations.
2) No armor customization except maybe for a small personal symbol for some of the classes.
3) no weapon mods.
4) Each class should have a specific role with a little deviation, just enough to survive for a bit alone, but not do everything, anywhere.

What we seem to generally agree on:
1) Loadouts: Slight differencies. Maybe a selection of two different primary weapons.
2) Visual Customaztion: very little
3) Roles. The degree is the question.

I need to post my stuff so you guys can criticize the shit out of them. Give me a few more hours.
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PostSubject: Re: Class System   Class System - Page 4 EmptyThu Feb 21, 2013 10:05 pm

Class Basics

Classes are to be divided into Tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Hero Tier. The aim with classes is to have an even balance and make it so that each class needs the others to win.

Tiers are a rough representation of power. Players start out with Tier 1 classes available at the beginning of a match. Earning an amount of points (or some other action) will allows players to spawn as Tier 2, Tier 3 or Hero Tier classes.

Tier 1 Classes are the basic classes. Doesn't mean they suck, quite the opposite, they should be easy to use and learn. Working together a team of basic classes only can still win.

Tier 2 Classes start bringing some more unique abilities into the game. In fact each Tier 2 class is unique in its role. This means they are not always useful. Tier 2 classes are also limited on the battlefield. Tier 2 Classes should be harder to master than Tier 1.

Tier 3 Classes are quite powerful (though not as much as heros), and can be game changers in the hands of a good player. They are less situational than Tier 2, but are limited in numbers on the battlefield and harder to unlock. Tier 3 Classes should be quite hard to master, but the payoff is huge.

Hero Tier Classes represent Heros from the Star Wars franchise. Due to copyrights, these may never get implemented\or we use lesser know people. Hero Tier are overpowered, however take a long time to unlock, have a limited time on the battlefield and only one of each type can be active at any time. So two players cannot be using the same hero at the same time.

Class Mechanics

Each class has a primary and secondary weapon. Some classes have a tertiary weapon as well, this is usually a grenade-type weapon.
Each class also has up to three activated abilities (Some of these maybe weapon like abilities).
Each class may also have a passive.
The only things set in stone (kindof) are the primary and secondary weapons and at least one ability (passive or not).
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PostSubject: Re: Class System   Class System - Page 4 EmptyThu Feb 21, 2013 10:17 pm

Class Specifications
Tier 1:


Rebel Soldier

Primary: Assault Rifle
Secondary: Pistol
Tertiary: Grenades (Class C thermal dets)
Ability 1: Overcharge
Passive: Increase Ammo

Description: The Rebel Trooper is a medium armed soldier. The Rebel Alliance's most common soldier.

Rebel Heavy

Primary: Rocket Launcher
Secondary: Pistol or SMG
Tertiary: Mines (AA)
Ability 1: Remote Explosives (?)
Passive: Increased Health


Primary: Blaster Pistol
Secondary: Ion Mines
Ability 1: Ammo\HP-Droid
Ability 2: Repair\Hack
Passive: Faster Repair

Rebel Sniper

Primary: Sniper Rifle
Secondary: SMG
Tertiary: Mines (AP)
Ability 1: Highlight



Primary: Assault Rifle
Secondary: Pistol
Tertiary: Baradium Detonator
Passive: Armor, Increased Ammo

Heavy Trooper

Primary: Rocket Launcher
Secondary: Grenade Launcher
Tertiary: Pistol
Passive: Armored, Slow Movement

Imperial Tech

Primary: Stun Pistol
Secondary: Ion Blaster
Ability 1: Recon Droid
Ability 2: Ammo\Med Pack
Ability 3: Repair\Hack

Scout Trooper
Primary: Sniper Rifle
Secondary: Scout Pistol
Tertiary: Mines
Ability 1: Speeder Repair
Passive: Fast Movement

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PostSubject: Re: Class System   Class System - Page 4 EmptyThu Feb 21, 2013 10:43 pm

Overcharge: Using custom modification, the trooper causes his gun to fire faster and deal more damage, at the cost of using up twice as much ammo for each and overheating his gun. Can’t fire for a couple of seconds after.

Increased Ammo: Troopers can carry more ammo than the other for weapons. Rebel troopers know that they can’t rely on reliable supply lines, so they always carry more ammo. Stormtroopers are trained to be self-sustainable so they carry enough ammo for sustained firefights.

Rocket Launcher: Rocket Launcher carries Anti Armor (AA) lock-on missiles. They have low explosive radius, but deal massive damage to vehicles and starships.

Mines (AA): Anti Armor Mines. Place them on the ground and deal massive damage to vehicles which go over them Do not detonate if a player walks over them, unless a player shoots them.

Remote Explosives: Set a charge somewhere and detonate it remotely.

Increased Health: More health than normal. Rebel heavy weapons operators have to be tough by nature. Taking down an Imperial Walker or Tank and assaulting Imperial bunkers is a demanding job.

Ammo\HP-Droid: Drops a small (floating?) droid to dispense health and ammo for a limited time. Smugglers specialize in bringing much needed supplies to the areas under siege.

Ion Mine: Deals med damage to vehicles and knocks out HUD’s, destroys recon droids. Dealing with pesky Imperial Spy droids can be quite fun.

Repair\Hack: Smuggler can repair vehicles and hack them to take control. Hacking a vehicle switches it over to your side, or if someone is driving it deals damage to it.

Faster Repair: Repairs much faster than other classes. Smugglers and Bounty Hunters are used to making haphazard and fast repairs in tough situations.

Mines (AP): These anti-personnel mines deal high damage to infantry but little damage to armored vehicles (i.e they still damage speeder bikes a lot.)

Highlight: Tags a target so that they can be seen anywhere on the map by your team as long as one of your team has LOS on them. Rebel Snipers keep a watch out for high value targets and point them out to their team for neutralization.

Armor: Damage Reduction. Stormtrooper armor is designed to absorb or deflect glancing blaster bolts.

Grenade Launcher: Launches grenades. Can switch between AP or AA ammo. Low ammo.

Slow Movement: Reduced Movement speed. Walking around carrying rocket launchers, grenade launcher, ammo for all that and armor slows you down a bit.

Stun Pistol: Doesn’t do much damage but stuns for a couple of seconds (or second). Wookies recover quicker. Techs hate being on the front lines. If something comes their way, they prefer to stun their enemy and retreat than waste time killing him.

Ion Blaster: Damages vehicles, destroys mines, dispenser droids. Knocks out HUD’s. Sometimes there is no need to hack something, just disable it.

Recon Droid: Send out a small droid that you can take control over at any time to move directly. Reveals enemies on minimap. If left alone it will try to stay out of sight of enemies but still keep them in sight. Keeping with Imperial Tech’s hate of combat, they can use little high tech spy droids to check their enemies positions.

Ammo/Med Pack: Drop an ammo pack and med pack.

Scout Pistol: A low power pistol with a fast reload and fast fire rate and more accuracy.

Speeder Repair: Can repair speeders. Scout troopers vehicle of choice is the speeder and they are used to making quick repair while out on the field.

Fast Movement: Faster move speed. Stormtrooper Scouts are used to moving quickly and are light armed and armored.
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PostSubject: Re: Class System   Class System - Page 4 EmptyFri Feb 22, 2013 3:24 am

Tier 2


Wookie Warrior

Primary: Bowcaster
Secondary: Pistol Shotgun\Ryyk Blades
Ability 1: Charge
Ability 2: Roar
Passive: Wookie Constitution (High HP. Slow. No Roll\Dodge)

Bothan Spy

Primary: Scoped Pistol
Secondary: Remote Charge
Ability 1: Cloak
Ability 2: Intelligence
Ability 3: Improved Hacking
Passive: Low HP.


Stormtrooper Captain\(Storm Commandos?)

Primary: High Powered Assault Rifle
Secondary: Pistol
Tertiary: Self-Detonated Grenades
Passive: Armor. Buff.

Bounty Hunter
Primary: Shotgun
Secondary: Pistol
Tertiary: Sticky Grenades
Ability 1: Entanglement Net
Ability 2: Faster Repair
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PostSubject: Re: Class System   Class System - Page 4 EmptyFri Feb 22, 2013 3:27 am

Pistol Shotgun: Basically a sawed off shotgun. High spread, high damage. Low chamber rounds. High ammo. The wookies love for close combat translates into this modified Shotgun.

Ryyk Blades: Two medium length blades of enhanced durasteel. Fast attack and high damage. Wookies traditional melee weapons are great for finishing off an opponent after a charge.

Charge: The wookie rushes towards his opponent, dealing damage on hit. Wookie cannot change path much during charge. Charge is quite fast.

Roar: Debuffs (decrease attack speed and accuracy) enemies for a short time in a small area around the wookie. More debuff to those who are in melee range.

Wookie Constitution: Wookies have high HP (much higher than any other classes). Slower to move and no dodges and rolls.

Scoped Pistol: A high powered long ranged pistol with an (adjustable?, maybe an addon) scope. Bothans prefer to stay out of close combat and take out enemies from afar after studying them (if they need to be taken out at all).

Cloak: The Bothan becomes nearly invisible for a short amount of time. Footsteps may still be heard, though muffled. CAN shoot while cloaked, though it decrease the amount of time left (like you can only shoot pistol twice at most). No damage bonuses. Bothan cloaking technology is a tightly kept secret and only handed out to the most trusted agents on the most dangerous missions.

Remote Charge: Fix a remote charge somewhere that can be detonated separately at any time. Charge location visible to the player at any time. To detonate, look at charge and detonate. Max of X Charges.

Intelligence: The Bothan instantly know who the player with most points is on the Battlefield. The player is highlighted to him constantly. Not sure about if 1) This ability sucks, 2) Should the target be visible to everyone else?

Faster Hacking: Faster Hacking speeds and Capturing Points. Bothans are master slicers.

Low HP: Lowest HP of all classes. Bothans invest in stealth and undectability, not survivability.

High Powered Assault Rifle: High Damage, Higher RoF, Better Accuracy, Scoped. Stormtrooper Captains have better weapons than their troops and they frequently use them to dominate the battlefield and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Self Detonated Grenades: Like normal grenades, but can be detonated at any time. (with a right click or something). If they are not, they detonate normally after set time.

Buff: Stormtrooper captains are chosen for their capacity to lead. Provides a small constant bonus to accuracy to surrounding lower tier troops.

Sticky Grenades: Throw any of these grenades anywhere (people, surfaces, etc). After a small time they will arm and can detonated with a right click. Can switch between AA or AP. One never know when he will get blown up by some bounty hunter, especially if you're wanted dead.

Entanglement Net: Throw this at any enemy and slow them down (reduce move, no roll, dodge, lower fire rate and accuracy). Bounty hunter sometimes need to capture someone, and so they resort to other means than 'disintegration'. Some use nets, which come in many differing varieties.
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PostSubject: Re: Class System   Class System - Page 4 EmptyFri Feb 22, 2013 3:30 am

Tier 3


Rebel Commando

Primary: Improved Sniper Rifle
Secondary: Assault Shotgun
Tertiary: Mines
Ability 1: Sabotage
Ability 2: Buff
Passive: Medium Armor


Imperial Guard

Primary: Vibroblades
Secondary: High Powered Blaster Pistol
Ability 1: Dodge
Ability 2: Charge
Passive: Debuff, Dodge

Improved Sniper Rifle: Higher damage and better scope and accuracy.

Assault Shotgun: Full auto-shotgun. Rebel Commandoes may prefer to take down their targets from afar, but are not afraid of close combat. This deadly full auto shotgun has good mid range, a mid spread and high damage. Low chamber cap. Mid total ammo. Fast Reload.

Medium Armor: Medium Dmg Reduction. Like Stormtrooper. Rebel Commandos are better armored than the usual troopers as they are sent to the most dangerous places. The Alliance also wants its best men to stay alive.

Vibroblades: A deadly vibroblade (or pair). Fast and lethal and cuts through armor with a molecule thin edge. (Negates armor damage reduction). Imperial Guards are trained in the deadly melee arts.

Dodge: Activate: Make a fast, long range dodge in the direction you're facing, evading even targeted attacks. The Imperial Guard's tough training has heightened their senses. Passive: Chance to dodge laser projectiles.

Charge: The Imperial Guard jumps towards his enemy, trying to skewer or cut him down quickly and forecfully.

Debuff: The Imperial Guard's presence is terrifying. Slows enemies, reduces accuracy and fire rate.
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PostSubject: Re: Class System   Class System - Page 4 EmptyFri Apr 12, 2013 1:35 am

SharkYbg wrote:
I totally agree with Ande.
Can you image playing with E-11 with iron sight or with under barrel or playing with DC-15 with a scope for better range or different ammo just because laser is not enough?

We need to escape from all these modern shooters with tons of customization. We are trying to stay true to the movies and Battlefront 1 and 2.( I think mainly 1st because it's better) All the good games i remember doesn't have such customization to the weapons. This is insane and player is more focused on what is the best set for his weapons so he can kill more players, than actually try to work in team because his weapon is good in certain situations but in others is bad. The other thing is that we will spend tons of hours deciding how to balance all these attachments and how they should affect the gun and etc. Sure we can add different weapons to one class.

Gen_Rhys_Dallows, the Anti-Tank won't be worthless because we can give him the anti personal mines and just because there isn't any vehicles on a map doesn't mean we can't put turrets. So he won't be useless at all.

Visual customization is another thing. As long as the different choices aren't silly it will be good for everyone to have their personal choice. But still, this is just cosmetic thing and it is not a priority.

I totally agree.
First, this is a team game, so why should we incite personal exploits with weapons customisations. This is better playing with defined abilities that works complementary with others classes. In my personal opinion, that's what we should focus on, complementarity.

I also agree that first SW Battlefront was the best in terms of playability (fast, reactive, and even hidden moves), but there are also good ideas in the second in terms of gameplay. I also like that in SWBF1, we don't have to think a lot about controls and abilities, that was fun and simple. Personal opinion again, if we keep the same playability than the first, I would be very happy cheers

About the stormtrooper class, I was playing it a lot in SWBF1 because it has a deadly high firing rate when aiming the head. So what about the firing rate higher than others classes ? and perhaps a bit faster in his moves (because he's like a marine, trained to be in the first line).

And visual customization is a good idea, but not a priority.
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PostSubject: Re: Class System   Class System - Page 4 Empty

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Class System
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