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 Rule list for the forum

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PostSubject: Rule list for the forum   Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:43 pm

I think it is time to make a list of rules for the public forum on the website. I need a little help compiling a list i dont have very much besides a few basics such as "Be kind and courteous to other members and staff" and "No impersonating a developer. If you do so it will result in a permanent ban from the website". Let me know what you guys come up with for rules,
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PostSubject: Re: Rule list for the forum   Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:24 am

This is a very good set of rules IMO:

I'd definitely add those to ours:
1. The decisions and actions of the Moderators and Administrators are Final
2. Post Meaningful and Clear Topics and Posts
3. No Religious or Political Discussions
4. Don't play 'Junior Moderator'
5. Be kind to other users and Don't be rude.
6. Avatars must be no bigger than 150 (wide) by 200 (tall) pixels (don't have to be exactly like that but something similar) + limiting (or removing) signatures
7. Limit the Use of Profanity
8. Don't spam (maybe add to 2)
9. No warez of any kind
10. No pornographic content.
11. No forum games? Or only Star Wars related forum games?

And in our case as you said something like 'Giving others a reason to think you're a developer' and maybe something like 'Spreading misinformation without declaring it as rumors (especially about our game)'.
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PostSubject: Re: Rule list for the forum   Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:13 am

Actually I would just cut out rumouring altogether. No rumour mongering. They will be ban hammered.
Rumours have a bad tendency of becoming the Holy Truth, especially in games...
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PostSubject: Re: Rule list for the forum   

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Rule list for the forum
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