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 Model Table

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PostSubject: Model Table   Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:04 am

A bit more up to date than the other thread (which I killed because there's nothing interesting left). I know sceluk has a similar table in the GDD but not everyone has access to that. This is easier to maintain, too. Feel free to post suggestions (if I don't think there's anything to discuss in a suggestion I'll just remove the post with the suggestion and compile it into this post to keep this thread as clean as possible).
Lists of assets for maps should be in a separate thread for that map.

  • Imperial Scout
  • Snowtrooper
  • Rebel Pilot
  • Rebel Snow Trooper
    Work In Progress
  • Stormtrooper - Jon
  • Sandtrooper (Stormtrooper + backpack, dirty armor)
  • Rebel Fleet Trooper - Ben
    To Do
  • TIE Pilot (need Stormtrooper helmet)
  • AT-ST Driver
  • AT-AT Driver (basically a reskin of the TIE Pilot + some small pieces)
  • Rebel Forest Trooper
  • Rebel Desert Trooper
  • (Rebel) Smuggler
  • Imperial Officer
  • Death Star Gunner
  • Death Star Technician
  • Wookiee
  • Bothan
    I Want To Do Those But They Aren't Really Useful
  • Tusken Raider

  • Proton Rifle
  • SE-14R
  • DL-44
  • Fusion Cutter
    Work In Progress
  • A280 - Joseph
  • T-21 - Kyllian
  • E-11 - MysteryMan
  • Thermal Det - Janna
  • Imperial Grenade - Janna
    To Do
  • Proximity Mine
  • DLT-19
  • DLT-20A
  • DH-17
  • RT-97c
  • Bowcaster
  • Scout pistol
  • HH-15 RPG
  • PTL Missile launcher


  • Work In Progress
  • Snowspeeder - Sharky
  • Speederbike - (Geert?)
  • Millenium Falcon - (James?)
  • AT-AT - Eric
  • AT-ST - Sharky
    To Do
  • TIE Fighter
  • X-Wing
  • TIE Bomber
  • Y-Wing
  • TIE Interceptor
  • A-Wing
  • B-Wing
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Model Table
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